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Make your socials standout!

In the world of easily accessible digital cameras and smartphones, there really is no reason you should be posting that shaky out of focus shot… seriously please don’t do that.

Nowadays when someone wants to find out more about you as a business/product/service they will whip out their phones and head to Google. From there they will visit your website or any social media platforms that you have and do you really want them seeing you promote yourself with shaky or dark photographs? Of course not.

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June 17, 2018No Comments

To stock or not to stock…

“We don’t have the budget… It’s an additional cost that’s not needed… I’ve found this stock image I like…”

Chances are someone else did too!

This is the general response any time the idea of arranging a bespoke photo shoot with a client is mentioned. It doesn’t need to be cost prohibitive. You are looking to sell your product/service, why would you not want to show exactly what you are selling/providing?

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